MOTD: Hidden Gold

Isn’t it nice to include a little bit of color to the eyelids? I did this makeup look just a day or two before I cut my hair. I went with a light shimmery color all over the lid and then I blended a light pink color in the crease and outer part of the lid. To deepen my crease just a tiny bit I also used a soft brown color, and the eye popping of this look was done by the golden shadow I applied in my tear-duct. Isn’t it such a nice and simple spring makeup look?

Why I Love: Aussie Take The Heat

For the longest time I have been using different serums and oils to protect my hair from the heat and to add shine to it. The downside to that method is that the hair weighs down after several applications day after day if I don’t wash my hair in between. So naturally I did my research and a lot of people use the Aussie Take The Heat Spray which is a leave-in conditioner and heat protector that smells divine. I’ve been using it several times since I purchased it and it works so nicely.

I love the light finish it leaves to my hair, that it makes it soft and bouncy, and of course, that it protects it from damage. I am also experiencing my hair much easier to brush out with this, not that that is much of a problem ever since I cut my hair but still, it’s a plus.

Have any of you guys tried out this heat protector? What are your thoughts?

Apartment Snaps

It’s been a while since I showed you recent pictures from my boyfriend’s and I’s apartment so why not give it a go now? We live in a one bedroom apartment that is quite roomy size-wise, however, there are still not much space to store things here which I find to be annoying, haha. Another sad thing is the absence of my makeup vanity, I can’t fit it anywhere and that really makes me sad. Some day, I will have my own makeup room, or at least makeup space :} But for now, I’m happy with what we got 

I just realized that there are only pictures from our living room and bedroom :} oh well, you will se more updated pictures soon I can assure. Hope you like our pink white place as much as we do :b

Healthy Choice: Avocado On Bread

I love to find a certain food that is delicious and healthy to eat. The past months that food has been avocado. It is so yummy and one can have it to so many dishes. I especially love to put avocado on whole bread (both soft and hard bread) :} Now avocado itself is quite tasteless in my opinion so I like to spice it up a bit, mainly with lemon pepper, paprika powder, or herbal salt. It also is super delicious to eat it with tomatoes and/or fresh red pepper. Aweeeesome.

What is your favorite snack?