Where to Find Cruelty Free Beauty UK

What started as a trend for hipsters a few years ago has now become a lifestyle for many modern individuals. Cruelty free and vegan makepup has become the obvious choice in a lot of make-up bags. Whether the choice is based on ethics as we become more aware, or motivated by the will to minimise toxins in one’s life ”cruelty free beauty UK” is a rapidly growing concept. Today eco-friendly and vegan alternatives in both make-up and clothing are fairly easy to come by as long as you have access to the internet. There are many websites that specialise in such products and offer a wide range at varied prices, so there is something to suit everyone. Keeping an eye out for labels such as the Leaping Bunny is a step in the right direction, do, however, keep in mind that the presence of the Leaping Bunny stamp does not by default mean the product is vegan, just that it is not tested on animals .”Cruelty free beauty UK” is a growing concept and what was once a small customer base has grown, and with well-known high-street brands joining in, we can be sure it is here to stay.

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